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Gemma and Ixchel have always wanted to be in a band.

They’ve been going on about it for years. Now they’re ready to plug stuff in and get all up front. As you can see, they don’t have any instruments yet. But they’ve been through a lot and just like you they’ve got a ton of songs in them just floating around. Some are hits just waiting to go global. Others are like bad poems scrawled on a bedroom wall during an unspectacular break-up. (But they’re pretty great songs too). So here they are, on the brink. This is their big chance to get it all out, to throw it all up on stage for the sake of the music. The music. It’s all about the music.

Tonight they will stand up and kick out melodramatic songs to preset rock and pound shop pop using an ipad with a cracked screen that they are always arguing over. But it’s worth it for the dream of hits and stadiums.

This is a show about wanting to be in a band and then being in one.


Awful Things Can Happen At Any Time

- An Uplifting Musical

“Inspiring, smart and bloody enjoyable”
Amber Massie-Bloomfield, Chief Executive, CPT

“Last night I saw Awful Things Can Happen At Any Time by mingbeast and it’s probably the most excited I’ve been in the theatre all year”

Thomas Martin, Beta Public


Tom Mason
Tom Mason
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Created & performed by mingbeast with collaborators:
Lighting by Sarah Readman Design by Finlay Forbes Gower Art work by Tom Mason and Finlay Forbes Gower
Collaborators and contributors: Kate Hannah Perry, Matilda Moors, James Hodgeson, Fiona Allison, Sammy Metcalfe, Jonathan Grieve

Originally developed through the Open LAB at Barbican/Guildhall Supported by:

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