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Alex Brenner

Spinning giddily - and not always clearly - between crime-scene-investigation, misguided therapy session and cack-handed seance for doomed starlet April Six, mingbeast present a cryptic and chaotic exploration of how we remember and of why we might prefer to forget.

In this new work mingbeast, explore the structuring of a performance that is a series of mechanisms that re-work and re-process, again and again, the various fragments of a vast and sprawling narrative. As a jumbled collection of characters and events are fed repeatedly through these "mechanisms" - outlandish psycho-therapies, manic re-stagings and misguided memory-exercises - the narrative shifts in and out of focus, sometimes falling together and sometimes falling apart.

Something is going to happen.
It doesn't matter what.
It will come as a surprise.
The music will intensify.


"This was performance at it´s most imaginative and stimulating best"
                        Michaela Butter, Embrace Arts (circuit 2013)

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