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Research sessions



We are dedicated to finding affordable ways of enabling people to collaborate and experiment in a creative, supportive space.  We are seeking out ways to create and define artistic communities and networks that allow people to share and encounter ideas about performance as makers, thinkers and audiences.  As part of this we run a series of investigative sessions and performance symposiums throughout the year looking at various areas of performance practice from a range of artistic perspectives.  The sessions focus on our ability to work within and be creatively inspired by an ensemble through training and explorative exercises.  The sessions offer practitioners and performers the chance to investigate a self-led area of interest alone or with other members of the group (it is also possible to attend as a participant only, without leading an area of research).  The outcomes of this work are shared as part of an informal work demonstration at the end of each research period.


We welcome people from any arts background who are interested in exploring aspects of performance in their work.  

The content of the sessions are shaped by those who take part though we always aim to incorporate movement, voice, space, text and sound and imagination to investigate:
  • Our capacity as performers and how we can expand it
  • Our ability to work within and be creatively inspired by an ensemble
  • How we can use the approaches we develop to create short pieces of new performance


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